The Taming of Amy II

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I smiled as I drove home from the d**g store as my hand felt the small vile in my pants pocket. How could such a small container bring so much pleasure? My mind played over the night before when I fucked my little bitch wife in every position and every room in the house. It was amazing the change in Amy, after she had the potion she became nymphomaniac. Even when I used her asshole she was racked with orgasms.

As I turned down the street to my house I started to wonder if Amy would still be the willing slut she had been the night before. I had serious doubts despite the reassurance of the old pharmacists. I entered the house from the garage to find Amy standing there. She was wearing black stiletto heels and string of pearls around her neck and nothing else but a smile. She was holding one of my favorite beers in her hand.

“I have been thinking of you all day baby!” she said in a pleading voice.

I took the beer and sipped on it as I put my arm around her slender frame. She seemed to beam as my hand cupped her small firm ass. We walked into the f****y room where I sat in my favorite chair while she stood and looked at me like a dog begging for a bone.

“Would you like to suck my cock while I have my beer?” I asked and she glowed with excitement.

I watched as Amy went her knees and looked up at me. I watched as she opened my pants and I felt her fingers search for my cock. She pulled it out and her eyes locked on it. It was hard to describe the look on her face. It was joy, desire but most of all passion. I watched as she ran the tip of her tongue up and down my cock.

“Nice and slow you little whore! I want to enjoy my beer!” I said.

“Yes sir!” she moaned as she tongued the underside of my cock.

I sipped on the bottle and watched as her mouth opened and her lips wrapped around my cock. I watch as the lips slid down my cock and then as her blonde head began to bob up and down on my cock. I closed my eyes and listen to the sound of her slurping on my cock. My balls were already burning and I looked down at her and saw that she was looking up at me. I watched as she pulled off my cock and resumed running her tongue around the tip of my head then she ran her tongue down the bottom of my cock. She then sucked my balls.

“Ok you can finish it off now.” I said and watched her light up with excitement.

Amy now pumped my cock like she was possessed. She grunted happily as my cock slid in and out of her mouth. My balls were on fire and then I felt my cock jerk and knew that my cum was flooding her mouth. I listen to her purr like a cat as more and more sperm filled her mouth. As my orgasm subsided I watched her lean back and savor the load of cum that filled her mouth. I nodded and she swallowed my load down.

“That is a good slut! Did you like that?” I asked as I rubbed her cheek.

“Yes! Was I a good cocksucker?” she asked as she licked more cum from her lips.

“You’re improving but I think a real slut would want to please me in every way.” I said as I looked down at her.

“Oh Barry, I would do anything for you! Do you want to fuck my ass again?” she asked.

“I’m not sure that you mean that. Would you really do anything I asked?” I said as I watched her grow anxious.

Amy leapt up into my lap and kissed my neck and ear as she moaned.

“I would do anything! Anything you want!” she sobbed as if I had scolded her.

“Maybe we should go out tonight.” I said as a plan started to form in my mind.

“Ok, I will get dressed.” She said as she seemed to feel relief.

“No need to get dressed just put on an overcoat. I like the idea of you being naked in public.” I said with a mischievous grin.

Amy walked to the closest and put on her overcoat and waited for me by the door. I put my cock away and then grabbed her by the arm and led her out to the garage and into the car. We drove away and Amy looked at me. I could tell she was curious as to where we were going but she kept her mouth closed. I drove to the old seedy side of town. In a few minutes I pulled into the parking lot of an adult bookstore. I had never been there before but I decided that this was as good as any place to see how submissive my wife truly was. She looked at me as I got out of the car and told her to come with me.

We entered the store and we both were quickly overwhelmed by first the smell of sex and then the sight of every type of erotica. I stopped and looked at several videos of sexy women being fucked by a verity of men. Then I saw some lesbian videos which I showed to Amy.

“Have you ever licked pussy?” I asked but knew she had never done such a thing.

“No. Would you like me to have sex with a woman?” she asked.

“I think it would be sexy to watch you make love to a woman. Perhaps we will try that but I will need to fuck the other woman. Would that bother you?” I replied as I looked into her blue eyes.

“I said I would do anything for you!” she said and then let her coat open to give me a look at her body.

We walked over and looked at the sex toys. There was a verity of dildos, vibrators, anal beads and butt plugs. Amy had never seen most of the items and we had fun looking at them and then discussing how we would use them.

“My pussy is burning up! I need to cum Barry. Can we go home now?” she whispered in my ear and then put her tongue in my ear.

“Not yet. Come with me.” I said as I took her to the back of the store were the video booths were located.

We went into one and I put some money in the slot and put on a movie of a women being gang fucked. I helped Amy remove her coat. Amy quickly pulled my cock from my pants and started stroking it. I reached down and fingered her sloppy pussy. In a few minutes she straddled my cock and started to ride my cock. I was gripping her tits.

“Fuck you two are really hot over there!” a deep male voice said.

I looked and could see someone peeking at us through a hole in the wall. I had heard of glory holes but had never seen one but this was exactly what I had in mind.

“Get on your knees and beg to suck his cock.” I whispered into Amy’s ear.

She looked at me as if to question but then her eyes sparkled as she perceived that this was for my pleasure. Amy slipped her knees and looked through the hole.

“Please let me suck your cock! I will suck it really good! You can cum in my mouth!” she pleaded with the man on the other side of the wall.

Suddenly a large black cock appeared through the hole. Amy turned and looked at me with a mixture of fear and desire. I nodded my head and watched as she opened her mouth and sucked on the black cock. I reached down and pushed her head onto the cock until she gagged. I let her pull off and I could see large amounts of spit run down her chin. My hand pushed her head back on the cock and she again struggled to take the cock deep but now she seemed determined. I sat back and watched as she continued to suck the cock. Every few minutes she would look at me as I slowly stroked my cock and she would smile.

“Beg for his cum!” I ordered.

“Please give me your cum! I want it so bad!” she begged as she pumped his cock and opened her mouth.

The black cock head seemed to swell and I heard a groan on the other side of the wall. Then a jet of sperm shot into Amy’s mouth. I could see that the explosion of seamen set off an orgasm in my submissive wife. Her body shook but she tried to catch all of the stranger’s cum in her mouth. Then she turned towards me and let me see her mouth full of cum. I nodded at her and she shut her mouth and swallowed the load down.

I pulled Amy up and bent her over. In one quick move I pushed my cock deep in her pussy. The feeling of her cunt walls gripping my cock as it tried to pull the seamen from my balls was incredible. My hands gripped her slender shoulders as I pumped into her willing body with more fury than I ever had with any woman. She was screaming with pleasure and I could hear others in the store laughing and making rude comments as my slut wife exploded with orgasmic delight. My balls pumped a large load of cum into her as she banged the walls of the booth. I pulled out and my sperm freely flowed from her hot pussy.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door.

“What the fuck is going on back here!” asked an angry voice.

I opened the door to see the store manager standing there red faced looking at my freshly fucked wife. There were several other men standing there looking at her bent over dripping cum.

“Listen I do not need the cops raiding this place! You want to get that rowdy take it somewhere else!” he said as the other men all laughed.

“Hey sorry about that but she just could not help herself.” I said as I tried to appease the owner.

“Shit I know the kind of crap that happens back here but we have to keep it under wraps. I suggest you gag the bitch if she can’t keep it down. Fuck I will give you a gag ball!” he said as he looked at Amy who was now on her knees as the group men looked at her.

“Amy, show the owner how sorry you are by sucking his cock. You have been very naughty and disturbed all these men from the fun they were having.

Amy reached forward and unzipped the mangers pants and pulled out his semi erect cock. She wasted no time wrapping her lips on the cock and started to suck him. I watched as his cock grew stiff and Amy started to demonstrate her cock sucking skills. The other men whispered to each other with crude comments about what kind of a slut Amy was but I could tell they all wanted to use her.

“Fuck she sure can suck cock!” the manager said as his hands gripped her head and he started to fuck her face.

Everyone grew quiet as they watched the manager grunt as he emptied his balls into my wife’s waiting mouth. Cum was dripping down her face.

“Shit! That was good. Listen she can stay but you keep her quiet. I will get a gag ball for her but she must keep it in when she is getting fucked! You understand?” he said as he zipped his pants.

I looked around at the four other men standing there.

“Start sucking these guys bitch!” I ordered and watched as Amy reached out and started to stroke two more cocks.
I walked back to the front of the store with the manager who pulled out a ball gag and handed it to me. Then he smiled as he handed me a pair of handcuffs.

“That slut will probably want to pull the gag out so use these and if the lights flash that means the cops are here so push her in a booth and keep her mouth shut.” He said as he smiled.

I walked back and watched as Amy sucked one cock and then another. There were five men besides myself. Several of them were black and I admired just how sexy Amy looked as sucked a large black cock.

“Amy, all of these men are going to fuck you!” I said as she moaned loudly again.

I stepped past the men and positioned the gag ball in her mouth. I then pulled her hands behind her back and put the restraints on her hands. I lifted her up and then pulled her in a booth.

“Alright gentlemen this is Amy and she is going to fuck everyone that wants to use her nasty pussy. There are two requirements: first Amy does not like rubbers and will not let anyone fuck her with one and second she is a new slut and has need for new sexy clothes and toys and she needs money to buy these things so a donation toward that cause will be required. I would suggest $50 per nut busted would be fair.” I said as I looked into Amy’s eyes that were filled with questions as her husband had just pimped her to a group of men.

“Sounds fair to me!” said a middle aged white guy who pulled some cash from his wallet and moved behind my wife.

I heard Amy grunt as he pushed his cock into her sloppy pussy. Soon we could all hear the sloppy sound of a woman being fucked hard. Amy made muffled noises as she was used while the group of men talked about what a fucking whore she was. Then the man fucking her grunted and filled her pussy with his cum.

The large black man she had been sucking stepped forward and handed me cash. I watched as he placed his cock which was over twelve inches long and thick as a beer bottle. Amy was sloppy with two loads of cum and even though she was stretched the cock slid deep into her. Her muffled screams as the man pumped her white pussy made all the men laughed cruelly.

“Damn pussy is good!” grunted the black man as he fucked her.

Amy looked up at me with a look of pleading and I could tell she wanted to know if the was pleasing me.

“You look sexy Amy! I think you are being a really good slut for me tonight!” I said and could hear her moan as she orgasmed.

“Fuck yeah!” moaned the black man as he emptied his cum into her.

The next man was white and young and he handed me cash as he pushed into Amy. He fucked her with his considerably smaller cock but it only took a few minutes for him to blow his nut.

“This fucking cunt is cum bucket!” grunted yet another white man as he positioned his cock against her opening.

“Hey if you don’t want it just get out of line!” I said as I looked at the man standing behind my wife’s ass.

He handed me money and pushed deep into her. Amy moaned as the man steadily fucked her.

“Talk about sloppy seconds…this fucking pussy is wetter than anything my cock has ever been in!” he grunted as he fucked her ever harder.

Amy was having another orgasm and her pussy suddenly constricted on the man’s cock like a velvet vice. It was too much and the man closed his eyes and rolled his head from side to side as he emptied his cum into her.

The final man was another black man who looked at her and then me.

“I want this slut to ride my cock!” he said as he handed me money.

We quickly repositioned so that Amy was straddling his large cock. I was snapping pictures of Amy as she lowered her pussy onto the large cock. I could see white foam form on the black cock as the large amount of cum in my wife coated his cock as she rode him while I steadied her from falling over. I could look in her eyes as they went from determination to an incredible orgasm. I could see her chewing at the gag ball as she wanted to scream.

“Take my fucking shit you fucking white whore!” groaned the black man as he emptied into her.

I ripped the gag from her mouth and pushed my cock deep into her throat. I brutally fucked her throat but her eyes looked up at me and pleaded me to use her anyway I wanted. Watching her being gang fucked was such a turn on that I had no staying power but I had one last desire for that night. I pulled my cock from her mouth and rapidly stroked my cock. I unleashed a massive load onto her face. It was one of those thick loads that stuck to her face. I pulled her up by her restraints and then grabbed her coat. I walked her nude with cum dripping from her face back into the main store. There were a few customers standing there including a couple. This was the first woman I had seen in the store and she was a little on the skanky side but she pointed at Amy and laughed as my wife walked across the store.

“I forgot to get the keys from you.” I said with a smile to the manager.

“Fuck, she really got used! Here are the keys and you can keep them as a souvenir of the evening. Let me know when she is coming back again.” He said as I unlocked her wrist and then put the coat on her shoulders.

“Leave that cum on your face till we get home slut!” I ordered and heard Amy sigh.

We walked toward the door and as we stepped in the parking lot I pulled her coat back off and made her walk to the car with a face full of cum and nude to any that were driving by. Once we were in the car she spread her legs and I watched as she toyed with her pussy that was still dripping cum from all the men who had used her pussy. She looked at me and I saw a smile form on her lips.

“Did I please you tonight Barry?” she asked in a halting way.

“You did well. I enjoyed myself and we made some money. I think you will need to serve other men for me from now on. Do you think you could be my whore?” I asked.

“I will do anything you want as long as you will fuck me!” she groaned.

I smiled as I now knew that she was under the control of the treatment and I already had $300 towards her next dose. I also smiled as I thought about how I was going to use her bitch mom Sandra!

To be continued….

(A word from the author: this is a tale for all those who have been in a relationship with someone who treats you like shit. What would you do if you found the tables turned? Stay tuned for mother in law used! BTW I would love to hear from the readers what they would do if they suddenly had a completely submissive person to play with.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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